Technically ’sliver — short for Magesliver, which hardly anyone remembers.

Brightly glowing crystals that usually vary in size from smaller than a fingernail to as large as a man’s leg. Size and relative luminescence usually are good indicators of respective power. Slivers commonly come in orange, silver, green, and blue; rumored are purple, red, and even some that seem to ABSORB light… Color seems to have some bearing on the uses to which the Sliver can be put.

Larger Slivers have been found — the orange Sliver used in Rechenko to heat water for city-wide bathhouses, both public and private, is said to be as large as a man — but working with large Slivers is very dangerous, due to the power involved and the likelyhood of a flaw in the crystal matrix, which can result in dangerous power fluctuations or even catastrophic failures.

Slivers can be split or shattered into smaller fragments, useful for small magics, or for easier concealment. Multiple small Slivers of the same color can be used in place of a single, larger Sliver, but with reduced efficiency/effect.

Slivers are typically found in clusters at ruins sites, and large clusters are often discovered on otherwise featureless plans. Harvesting Slivers is fairly simple, if done with care, but occasionally a crystal will rupture and release all contained energy in a single, catastrophic event. Clusters are typically mono-colored; multi-colored clusters are extremely rare and seem to be more likely to be unstable.


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