Magic is all based around using the energy in Slivers — either releasing in small bursts through ritual actions/words for a set effect, usually very, very small, or by binding them into something else — cannon, wands, airships, etc.

Mechanics: As the effects above are achievable by anyone properly trained, the “spark” is not necessary. “Gifted”/similar is not needed for any of this.

Mechanics: Sliver-wise would probably be almost essential for anyone wanting to work either form of magic

Rituals are passed down as folklore through hedge wizards/witches. Anyone with enough willpower may use a ritual, if they are instructed properly. Rituals to produce exactly the same effect have been known to be completely different from region to region, or even from one user to the next. Large effects are not possible through this method.

Mechanics: If you know a specific cantrip or ritual, you may use it in conjunction with a Sliver of the proper color(s) to produce the desired small effect. With current knowledge, it is not possible to create large effects with this technique. This should probably be accomplished through some adaptation of Art Magic, as described in the Magic Burner. I’ll get to this sooner or later. Let me know if it really should be sooner. This can be opened by anyone who might have had the opportunity to learn it from someone.

Binding allows for much larger effects, but effectively reduces the output to a single type or purpose. While bound, a Sliver cannot be used for any other purpose. Unbinding, if not done properly (or the result of physical destruction), usually results in catastrophic energy release.

Each known guild/society seems to produce only one type of item, as ritual, crystal, and focus must be aligned to produce the desired result. They guard their secrets carefully, to maintain a monopoly. Most guilds/societies will have at least one chapterhouse in each nation.

Mechanics: Binding requires a Sliver of the proper color(s) and a focus. The Sliver provides the power and the focus provides a single, purposed output. While not as versatile as the effects possible from cantrips, it can produce much greater effect. This will be a variation of Enchantment as refined in the Magic Burner, with crystals as the only antecedents and the vessel (cannon, wand, airship, etc) as the item to be enchanted.

Once bound, objects can be used by anyone who knows the proper trigger and can achieve the focus necessary. Triggers can be made unique for each item, as requested. Guilds and owners keep secrets and ownership exclusive by customizing trigger rituals for each customer, as needed. Owners are free to share the trigger information, as needed.

Mechanics: Anyone with the trained skill “Magic Device” and the knowledge of the specific trigger can use a device. The skill allows the proper mental state of mind to use any device and the specific trigger knowledge is required to make any magic device work. You would still need an appropriate skill (piloting, guns, etc) to use the device well.

Mechanics: enchanted weapons and armor are probably superior or better and use EITHER the better stats (the Sliver provides the extra power OR add an effect upon successful hit.


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